Monday, October 20, 2008

Back from Luoyang

I have arrived safely back in Beijing! I sucessfully took at 10 hours train ride both ways and made it back in one piece! I am so glad that I went too. While there, I met some amazing people doing amazing things for the orphans of this country. Here are some photos of my adventure and the rest will be on facebook soon...

This is the outside of Maria's House of Hope. Funny story about this paint job. Basically the director of the local orphanage has a room painted like this in his building, someone told him that it looked nice, and he decided to paint this whole building to look like that room, a big blue sky with big puffy clouds. Hehe.

Inside Maria's House.

Sweet girls. The one in the orange didn't have an English name, so I named her Melina b/c her smile reminded me of my little sis Melina! The one on the right is Lane, who was already given an English name by Michael.

My new friend Michael with some of the kids that he works with.


Kelly said...

looks like you had a really great time!

Allison said...

Awesome! That orphanage looks awesome on the outside!

Dawn said...

I so miss you! I just keep singing but it is not the same without you here! "Going to the ..."

Linette said...

It's so neat to see pics of Maria's House of Hope. We recevied a grant from SCC last year. I've enjoyed reading your blog.

God Bless!